I aint think i was really gone be no rapper

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20 May

From getting shot at 17, losing friends to homicides, prison terms, and seeing family members addicted to drugs. Plap Fieldz has weathered the storm humbly. Only two mixtapes in and the talented artist just keeps on pushing.

Relaxing on a private location, with the view of a beautiful Florida beach behind him in a recent interview. Plap Fieldz tells PLAPLIFE.COM, "I aint think i was really gone be no rapper". "We was in the projects and shit", He says to the interviewer with a serious face. Seagulls and the oceans waves can be heard behind him. Dressed in a white tank top, his NBA snapback turned backwards, and a pair of black and gold sunglasses to match his permanent gold teeth, Plap Fieldz is a tru Florida boy. 

Born Camerion Fields, Plap spent most of his childhood with his mother in West Palm Beach. As he became a teenager and began getting in trouble in school, and with the law. His mother started sending him to visit his father in Pensacola to calm down. Growing up Plap saw a lot, he heard a lot, and he did a lot, no matter which city he was in. After getting shot, dropping out of high school, and being on the run from police for over a year. By the end of 2008 Plap Fieldz was in jail with over 13 felonies, and two of them were P.B.L. charges (PUNISHABLE BY LIFE).


Due to lack of evidence in the case he was offered a 5 year plea deal, which he quickly agreed to. And after doing his bid, and being released in 2013. Plap Fieldz wanted to pursue music instead of the life of crime he only knew of. He knew he was gonna get killed if he didnt get out the streets. So Plap focused less on the streets and more on his talent. He got in the studio and started releasing music about his life. 

Plap fieldz has now dropped two successful mixtapes Street Muzik & Street Knowledge. And is currently working on his soon to be released third project "STREET RAISED". Now in his latest video interview with PLAPLIFE.COM things get a little personal and fans find out where Plap Fieldz attended school, he talks about his jail time, whats father hood like, and much more. Watch the full interview now on PLAPLIFE.COM 

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