Police Dash Cam Records House Exploding

07 Apr

Its true when they say anything can happen in a blink of an eye. And police officers and a family in Hurst, Texas found out for themselves after a vehicle crashed into their single-story home, hit a natural gas line and the home exploded. 

When the video first comes on, you can see officers arriving at the house, from the dash cam inside one of the police cars. Seconds later you can see one of the officers exit his vehicle and walk towards the home. As he was getting closer, a car comes from out of nowhere crashes into the house, hits a gas line, instantly causing a explosion, & destroying the home. 

Injuring 5 people ( 3 inside the home & 2 police officers). The driver was not injured but was arrested for traffic violations. Wactch The bizarre video below.

Video provided by @ppv_tahoe

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